Strategic Partnership Promoting deaf and hard of hearing children’s Theory of Mind and Emotion Understanding

DGS Deutsche Gebärdensprache  LIS Lingua dei segni italiana  IS International Sign  DSGS Deutschschweizer Gebärdensprache  GSL Ελληνική Νοηματική Γλώσσα  LSF Langue des signes française

ProToM is

a training program: It provides exercises and materials for teachers and educators to support the development of deaf and hard of hearing children’s Theory of Mind and Emotion Understanding.
strictly theory-based: It follows the different stages of development of Theory of Mind and the components of Emotional Understanding, as well as the spoken and/or sign language skills.
multilingual with spoken and sign languages: All materials and information are produced in different spoken and sign languages.
modularly structured: It takes into account the heterogeneity of deaf and hard of hearing children in different age groups.
inclusive: It can be used in both special schools and mainstream schools.
easily accessible: All materials are bundled and made available free of charge on this website. An additional tool box contains further information and ideas for implementation.
evidence-based: It is developed through scientific testing in cooperation of research and practice partners.
participatory: The program is developed in cooperation of hearing, deaf and hard of hearing researchers and practitioners.